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Kostas Synodis is a sculptor and furniture designer based in London.


Synodis's sculpture is rooted in a pared-down minimalist aesthetic favouring raw materials such as resin, pigment and steel for their functional properties, textures, colours and weight. In his work, hard materials at varying scales, are stretched, softened and shaped into seemingly taut but elegant curves, always achieving a perfect sense of balance. By focussing on notions of malleability inherent in these materials, Synodis reimagines them into a new context in order to investigate their value and associations within contemporary art. In doing this, Synodis creates elegant, playful objects that question expectations of their materiality, yet sit perfectly at ease in their new form.


In his recently, series of bespoke furniture Synodis echoes the concerns of his art practice, notably an innate understanding of the way autonomous three-dimensional objects occupy a space. While the harmonious forms of his sculpture resonate in these domestic objects, they are also greatly informed by Synodis’s sensitivity towards materials, being both sustainable and practical.


Born in Greece, Synodis graduated from the University of Westminster in 2013.  His work has been widely exhibited in London and is included in a number of significant collections.

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