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I was born (b.1984) in Thessaloniki, Greece, I currently live and work in London, UK. 


A big part of my practice explores the palpable language of materials; the objects that I am using are selected, cast or manufactured for that reason. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, my methodology is consistent.


Although there may not always be material similarities between the different projects, they are linked by recurring formal concerns and through the overall subject matter. My choice of materials is based on their special characteristics and the effect they have on the spectator.

Humour and the visual joke are used as a tool to create a tragic moment where the viewer experiences an inexpressible moment. I take advantage of the “one liner” aspect in order to talk directly to the viewer; this allows a profound and humorous interaction that does not require further reflection.


My processes in the studio include some of the tools that are used to change the objects’ norms. Through this disruption, my work aims to focus on the relationships between people and things, figures and experience.


Born in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Currently lives and work in London, UK.




University of Westminster, BA (Hons) Mixed Media Fine Arts, London, UK.


Member of Royal British Society of Sculptors


Selected Exhibitions


“Transruptie" Black Swan Gallery, Bruges, Belgium



"Emerged", Joanna Bryant Projects & Julian Page, London,UK

"Shuffle", Herrick Gallery, London,UK
“Kostas Synodis/Jake Clark”, Herrick Gallery, London Kostas Synodis at Art16



“Tan Lines”, Drawing Room, London “Tapioca”, Gallery320, London
“Vάlid”, Tannery Art, London [SOLO SHOW]



“Novelty, Asylum, London
"Now Or Whenever" The Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburg, UK “51”, Ambika P3, London
"Show 1", The Vyner Street Gallery, London



"NOUGHT ANEW: SCULPTURE", The Art Pavilion, London "Punch Clock" Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, Germany



“Silverbond”, London Gallery West, London “Chapter One”, Arbeit Gallery, London
“Dog Chew”, London Gallery West, London
“I was hungry”, Thomas a Becket, London
First year show, University of Westminster, London



Foundation final show, LCC, London



“Untitled”, Mayor House, Thessaloniki

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